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First Little Great Solution


You have been invited!

We want to help you with one of your challenges in making your business more responsible and sustainable.

Nothing is asked in return.

How does it work?

Give us an issue to work on


By clicking the button

"Yes, I'd like to try it!"


You will be prompt to fill out a simple form.

In it we will ask you about your issue and how you want us to help you.

Our First Little Great Solution is free of charge

We will do the work

reports 2.png

We will analyse your issue. If necessary, we will research data and benchmarking information. We will put our expertise and technical information at your service for up to 4 hours.

We will design a fact-based answer or idea on how to address your issue

Receive our First Little Great Solution


We will send you a report with our recommendations, the data we used to support our analysis and, the designed idea, solution or proposed course of action. We call that our First Little Great Solution

Use it as you wish or not. You can contact us about it at any time. Enjoy it!
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