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AdvantiKA provides awareness and ideas content at Makro Brazil Supply Chain Academy in December 2019

"We had a real education session because Karime (AdvantiKA's founder) addressed not only the retail area but also other segments such as industry, agriculture, logistics, etc., with practical examples of how each of these segments is incorporating sustainable actions in its business in a way that bring benefits not only for these companies but for our entire society. In addition, she also brought examples of how we can implement small actions in our daily lives as citizens and how that can make a huge difference for our planet. We also saw the application of blockchain, actions to fight waste, packaging recycling and reverse-sale. It was fun to see some pursuits that reminded us of the time of our grandmothers, such as bulk sales. In the end, she showed how to have more sustainable logistics. I realized that these companies are now reaping what they planted back there. If we want a better world, we have to start planting this seed of sustainability today."

" It was great to see Karime leading such an important topic, not only for companies but also for us as individuals! Some people came to me afterwards to give feedback and all were very positive, stating that she exceeded their expectations, as she approached the topic of sustainability not only in retail but in many other situations, including in our daily lives."

Adriano Martins de Paula  

Supply Chain Manager  at Makro 

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