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Prosperity, Sustainability & Purpose in Simple Ways


Results We've Created
  • A success story on Zero Waste to Landfill Workshop, bringing solutions to 5 different product categories and influencing industries for change (participation as one of the "heroes" of the project)

  • CO2 reduction Workshop among 5 clusters, bringing the success of 2 as levers to the other 3, with goals achieved in all clusters after 2 years

We spread good ideas, we work to influencing others for good actions and to finding new solutions. Here is how:


  • The Challenge Arena starts with successful and powerful story telling. We want to communicate your success, your accomplishments for the greater good and find solutions for the issues still challenging you

  • It consists of a physical set up for an event in which “solution seekers”, “ solution providers” and other collaborators and stakeholders focus on one environmental or social challenge and together work out solutions


  • It has been created in a way to effectively and mindfully search for solutions for the problems of or Planet and People, connected to our businesses activities, and to define the basis for such solutions’ development

  • Challenge Arena is not only a "chatting" room. It is based upon: pre-event research and preparation, event specific framework & post-event follow up + project management office at your service. It is effective collaboration into action





  • Pre Event  Preparation and Research

This phase includes definition of the problem with the customer or Sponsor, research of data about the issue to be addressed at the Challenge Arena, research, contact and engagement of experts and actors involved on the matter.


  • Event Facilitation


This is the actual physical event where

differents steps will be presented or executed.

We work on a leadership inspiring example, we will

revisit a success story related to the topic in

discussion. Participants will be coached for 

their individual participation and about their roles

in team work activities. Our workstation design will 

support the solutions' development, and a specially

created and tested personal guided reflection

moment will inspire the participants.

We bring a structured approach strict in steps and 

timing for effectiveness, which will include an

evaluation and assessment of the projects, calibrated 


Opportunity for casual networking will also be 

properly provided.

  • Post Event Activities 

This phase includes the edition of a Newsletter of the results of the event with the list of participants and contact information. It includes a more complete analysis of the projects designed initially during the event, their potential, and which project management office services would be available moving forward for each project.

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