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 esg investing companies  , creating sustainable business model ,  sustainable logistics supply chain management  , circular economy  and sustainability , women empowerment

Online Appointments

  • First exploratory call. Get to know our services. Give us a challenge.

    45 min

  • Advisory for leaders. Includes research/analysis report (3h work).

    1 hr

    540 Swiss francs
  • Development of data-based arguments to present to stakeholders/boards.

    1 hr 30 min

    405 Swiss francs
  • Is the Sustainable Development Goals framework right for your company?

    1 hr

    280 Swiss francs
  • Is the B Corp system right for your company? Learn about B Impact.

    1 hr

    280 Swiss francs
  • Introduction to what means to be a Business Fit for the Future.

    1 hr

    280 Swiss francs

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