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Attaining profit with purpose is achievable through a business model that embraces circularity in products and operations, contributes to environmental regeneration or decarbonization, and upholds fairness and inclusivity in society.

Our Services at a Glance


Level 1:

Beyond ESG Training & Awareness Centre

  • Cl!mate Fresk Workshops facilitation

  • Training & Workshops for Leaders, Managers and Board members

  • ​ Awareness Seminars for Employees, Suppliers and Community

  • ESG and Sustainability 1:1 Advisory & Coaching for Leaders 


Level 2:

Beyond ESG Solutions Lab

  • Solutions Co-Creation,  & Implementation Support  for Sustainability Teams

  • ​Sustainability Projects Outline, Projects Argumentation and Business Case Development

  • Sector and Topic-Specific Research & Benchmarking

  • SME Hands-on Impact Services


Level 3:

Materiality, Stakeholders and Report Hub

B Impact Assessment Logo.jpg
  • Sustainability and ESG Impact Assessments

  • ​B Impact Assessment™  

  • Impact & Sustainability Reporting using APlanet SaaS Tool 

  • Stakeholder's Dialogue Design & Implementation

  • Sustainability & ESG Governance Design & Implementation


Level 4: 

Sustainability Strategy Office

  • Sustainability and ESG Strategy Design

  • ​Specific Business Solutions & Programs Design

  • Impact Business Model Design/Co-Creation 

  • Innovative Sustainable Business Model and Circular Economy Pilots

  • SME and Women-Owned Business Advisory

Impact & Sustainability Reporting


Personalised Executive Advisory Office

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 esg investing companies  , creating sustainable business model ,  sustainable logistics supply chain management  , circular economy  and sustainability , women empowerment

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