We support prosperity, sustainability & purpose in simple ways

Specialised Sustainable Business Strategy
Personalised Executive Advisory Office
Our specialised service

  • Tailor-made ideas, suggestions and data-analysis for how you can influence your business to be prosperous and at the same time engage with doing good for the environment and society plus supporting the sustainable development goals.

  • Research, benchmarking and case studies consolidation

  • Argumentation strategy

  • Top expertise in responsible business models, sustainable and fair supply chains, business case for sustainability and gender equality & women empowerment 

gender equality , 

 esg investing companies  , creating sustainable business model ,  sustainable logistics supply chain management  , circular economy  and sustainability , women empowerment

Our Sustainable Business Intelligence  Process




  • Initial Interview

  • Follow up conversations

  • Discussion sessions

  • Research of  external data 

  • Understanding of provided data


  • Analysis do information

  • Design of options



  • Investigation of benchmarking

  • Success stories gathering

  • Report with sources, data, analysis, examples, stories, etc.

  • Presentation of findings with further discussion

Support for BIA and B Corp Certification

  • Facilitation

  • Assessment Coordination

  • Advisory and Action Plan

Real Value Business:

Sustainable Business Strategy & Development

Powered by The Natural Step® and Future-Fit® business benchmarking tools

Human Equity &

Female Empowerment

  • Diversity

  • Gender equality

  • Effective work environment

Leadership for Sustainability & Mindful Leadership
  • Enhanced Project Management

PI Hub
  • Social Positive Impact

  • Quality of Life in the Workplace

  • Quality of Life for Stakeholders

Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Sustainable sourcing/procurement

  • Sustainable processes & organisation

  • Waste management

  • CO2 emissions reduction

  • Sustainable packaging

Smiley Delivery:
Sustainability in Logistics
  • Cutting CO2 emissions

  • Cutting Costs

  • Improving Quality of Life of Truck Drivers & Citizens

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