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Non-consultancy Activities

On this page you will discover how AdvantiKA makes the most of its value, promoting the IDG - Inner Development Goals and Regenerative Business & Life. The activities shown on this page are either pro bono or offered at a pure cost level with includes in some cases covering the hours of work of the facilitator, presenter or organiser, but not at a profit to AdvantiKA GmbH. Also, these activities are about leadership training, leadership education or events.

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IDG Swiss Business Fit Hub

This hub is a community based initiative sponsored by AdvantiKA GmbH to promote and support the IDG - Inner Development Goals with the objective of developing Resilient Leadership acting for the SDG - Sustainable Developing Goals


Sustainability Education

Here you find out about activities and services we provide at cost level or pro-bono to raise awareness and education of a diverse public on topics of sustainability, impact business models, B movement and regeneration in business.


IDG Immersion Retreats

Find out about our retreats in the mountains and other opportunities when we invite leaders to experience regeneration, inner growth and nature connectedness.


Pro bono

Here, you find links and sometimes stories and pictures about our pro bono activity in emerging markets or in support of women's empowerment and sustainability and ethics education.

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Regenerative Living Zürich 

Here, you will find out about our events and activities promoting regenerative lifestyles and regenerative practices for businesses, including innovative business models.

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Takeaways form SIF 2023

Get the material created as a takeaway gift from our Inner Development Goals Workshop during the Swiss Impact Forum 2023.

Reach out to us about our activities

If you want to know more about the activities above or collaborate with us, just let me know.

Thanks for reaching out. We may take some time to answer if we are too busy, but we will reply.

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