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Prosperity, Sustainability & Purpose in Simple Ways

The Team - Affiliate Consultants

Karime Abib  - Sustainable Business Designer
Karime Abib
AdvantiKA's Founding Partner & Cosultant
Industrial Engineer
MBA & Sustainable Business Advanced Studies Master
Affiliated B Leader, Champion & Adviser

Sustainable Supply Chain Expert
Inner Development Goals Facilitator
Thaís Blanco
Affiliate Consultant
Culture Transformation Expert

Certified Coach
Certified Board Member
Claudia Pitta
Affiliate Consultant
Ethics & Compliance Expert

Governance Expert
Certified Board Member


David Perry
Affiliate Coach
Former Software Developer at Silicon Valley

High-Performance Coach Helping  Leaders Create More Clarity, Meaning, and Purpose in Their Lives
Certified Ontological Coach


Marco Buscemi
Affiliate Communications Consultant
Marketing Communications & Sustainability Expert


Elis Conde
Affiliate Sustainability Consultant
Master (MSc) Social Responsibility & Corporate Sustainability
B Leader 
GRI Certified Specialist
Impact & Sustainability Reporting Specialist
Our Partners

Collaboration in Portugal

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joao campos.jpeg
João Campos
Humb's Founder
Carbon Reduction
Madalena Cameira
Environmental Impact
Circular Economy
Inês Alves
Green Marketing
Circular Economy
Alexandra Resende
Public Relations
Social Impact
Why we are here



 Every business can be a beacon of sustainability, collectively forging a future where prosperity is intertwined with harmony, enriching the world for generations to come in equity and sustainability.



At Advantika, we are dedicated to leading the transition towards a regenerative economy where businesses thrive in harmony with nature. Our mission is to empower organizations with strategic advisory and training that integrates circular principles, fostering economic success alongside environmental stewardship and social responsibility. We champion change from within, guiding companies to embrace conscious leadership as the cornerstone of their operations. By advocating for a culture of mindfulness, innovation, and ethical practices, we commit to transforming industries. Our approach ensures that sustainability transcends traditional goals, embedding it as a fundamental aspect of modern business strategies. In partnership with our clients, we are shaping legacies of resilience, leadership in sustainability, and a positive, lasting impact on our planet.



about the founder


Affiliated Bleader.png

  • Executive MBA

  • 6 Sigma Black Belt

  • Sustainable Business Advanced Studies Master

  • BS in Industrial Engineer

  • Affiliated B Leader, Champion and Advisor

  • Supply chain professional - CPIM APICS certified

  • Driven Woman certified Group Leader

  • GLEC - Global Logistics Emissions Council Former Consultee

  • S2 Sustainability Strategies Member

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

  • Trained Ontological Coach

  • Karime Abib - LinkedIn

"My journey revolves around meaningful growth, transformative change and empowering those around me. From leading teams to designing sustainable businesses, my passion for making a positive impact remains undiminished."


"I am a change leader committed to meaningful growth rather than change for its own sake. My journey began in supply chain management, where I rose from technical roles to strategic and executive leadership positions. I have led diverse teams, from factory workers to operations and warehouse staff to qualified engineers and other managers, all focused on achieving top quality.

My ability to drive change was complemented by my ability to develop innovative processes, frameworks and strategies that resonate with stakeholders. This has led me to describe myself as an "intrapreneur" who continually advocates for transformative change and thus influences management, boards and market leaders, which ultimately made me a sustainable business designer.
Over the course of two decades, during which I worked at Unilever as Head of Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer, my commitment to responsible business practices grew. Leading the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan within Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics alongside CEO Paul Polman gave me practical insight into sustainable business practices before returning to university to further my education and network with the Impact Hub community and start-ups, which further developed my entrepreneurial spirit promoted.

The most rewarding part of my journey has been the positive impact I have had on those I have mentored. It has been very satisfying to support managers, promote board members internationally and help women reach leadership positions. These experiences, as different as they may be, help me support the development of leaders into more responsible people and advance my commitment to promoting positive change.

My journey is not only professional but also personal. Integrating mindfulness and self-awareness into my leadership models allows me to balance professional excellence with genuine human qualities.
Colleagues with whom I worked repeatedly emphasized my sense of purpose. As a mentor, I encourage critical thinking through deep questions, promoting focus and growth. My open communication style encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and tap into hidden strengths and passions through regular participation in speaking events.

Through consistent value creation and visionary leadership, my journey continues to evolve. My multidisciplinary expertise, collaborative mindset and results-oriented approach drive my contributions. I am committed to realizing my vision and achieving tangible results through targeted implementation."


  • Harmonious Synergy: At our core, we champion the harmonious convergence of PEOPLE and PLANET. It's the rhythm of balance that guides our every endeavor.
  • Trust's Cornerstone: For us, TRUST is the cornerstone upon which fruitful collaborations are built. We're staunch believers that openness, sincerity, and the alchemy of effective teamwork forge the unbreakable bonds of trust. It's a cycle that feeds our progress, and without it, the foundation of sustainable business is mere sand.
  • Evolving Excellence: Embracing the spirit of continuous IMPROVEMENT, we navigate toward enduring and enriched outcomes. We're all about weaving short-term gains into the tapestry of long-term prosperity for all our stakeholders. One day at a time, we're stitching a legacy of progress.
  • Purposeful Intent: Our faith in INTENTION propels us. We're firm believers that the choices we make today not only empower success now but also craft a brighter tomorrow. Our actions reverberate through the ages, casting a legacy that generations will celebrate.
  • Champions of Equality: We wave the banner of EQUALITY high and proud. For us, it's not a checkbox; it's the essence of everything we undertake. Regardless of race, gender, disability, faith, orientation, or age, we advocate equality. Every individual's potential is colossal, and this belief guides us toward creating extraordinary value for all.


  • Medium-Sized Global Companies: For those recently listed or gearing up for listing, operating on a global scale or within significant markets, our services address the intricate challenges posed by local and global complexities.​

  • Professional and Ethical Family Businesses: Medium-sized family enterprises seeking to operate at the highest professional and ethical standards and determined to leave behind a lasting legacy can rely on our expertise to guide them on this journey.

  • Startups and Small Enterprises: Startups and smaller enterprises aiming to embrace innovative and sustainable business models, as well as those committed to complete environmental and societal responsibility, will find our support indispensable.

  • Corporate Divisions and Departments: Within expansive global corporations, we offer support in designing and executing specialized sustainability programs, pilots, or assessments. Additionally, we provide comprehensive sustainability training for teams, leadership, and suppliers.

  • B Corporation Aspirants and Impact Reporting: Businesses aspiring to become B Corporations will find our strategic guidance and authentic action plans invaluable. We also assist organizations in accurately reporting their positive impact through sustainable practices.

  • NGOs Committed to Sustainable Development Goals: Operating under unique circumstances, we work alongside NGOs dedicated to furthering the Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to help them achieve both professional success and financial viability, all while staying true to their core mission.

Our Core Values
Our Customers



AdvantiKA continues its journey of impact and formalises the IDG Swiss Business Fit Hub in support of the Inner Development Goals and the development of conscious and resilient leadership for change.


AdvantiKA GmbH became a B Corporation™ and started its collaboration with Evolure Consultoria in Brazil to support the Latin American market. Subsequently, AdvantiKA and Evolure Consultoria's founders became partners through both brands working both in Europe and Latin America.


AdvantiKA GmbH submitted its B-Impact Assessment TM, and its founder became a trained B-Leader. 

AdvantiKA GmbH is founded with the mission of providing assessment, solutions and designing process alternatives for companies that want to achieve positive triple bottom-line results: environmental, social and financial benefits, within their core operations, and related services. AdvantiKA's mission is to help its customers to create a fairer world while being profitable.

AdvantiKA becomes a member of S2 Sustainability Strategies, the Natural Step Schweiz and embraces its philosophy, framework and the Future-Fit Business tools to create a transformative sustainable business for today and tomorrow.

The first AdvantiKA's event for promoting sustainable business case happens in partnership with S2 Sustainability Strategies - The Natural Step Schweiz and Green Buzz Zürich and supported by WWF, Jungle Folk, the Blue suit and Patagonia.

AdvantiKA initial idea is built on the basis of collaboration, meaning we work with other experts, organisations and companies to achieve our results.
We promote good ideas and success stories, because we believe all business can be

“Business with a Greater Purpose.”

Our values of harmony, trust, improvement, intention, equality and developing others shall be in all what we do. This is the beginning of AdvantiKA journey, and we believe this is every business journey. Initial partnerships are established and initial workshops have been promoted.

AdvaniKA’s domicile is defined at Impact Hub Zurich, a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies, who live by the credo of  “we create, we connect, we care”. The Impact HUB is a global organisation present in 5 regions of the world at 80+ locations.

Company history
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