Collaboration Team

Karime Abib
AdvantiKA's Founder
Industrial Engineer
Sustainable Business Designer
Sustainable Supply Chain Expert
Martina Wyrsch
Tiefgrün's Founder
Environmental Engineer
Community Sustainability Expert
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Prosperity, Sustainability & Purpose in Simple Ways



All businesses can be prosperous contributing to a regenerative environment, a fair society and an inclusive economy. That is what we call a prosperous, sustainable and purposeful business.



We empower businesses and people to make sustainable ways reality —  ways for an inclusive economy, responsible to people and the environment of today and of the future. We help to create the possibility for a systematic harmony of people, life, economy and planet. 



Founder & CEO
  • BS in Industrial Engineer

  • Executive MBA

  • 6 Sigma Black Belt

  • Sustainable Business Advanced Studies Master

  • Supply chain professional - CPIM APICS certified

  • Driven Woman certified Group Leader

  • GLEC - Global Logistics Emissions Council Consultee

  • S2 Sustainability Strategies Member

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

"My career was in the supply chain until I became an entrepreneur. I worked in the several distinct areas of it as an engineer and then as a manager up to strategical levels. From the factory floor and work with truck drivers and warehouse operators, after good years in quality, I worked doing, implementing. I got good at that, and I was as well good in developing processes and frameworks and new approaches to doing things. I know myself as being an “intrapreneur” my whole life; always in the role of a change agent transforming the organisations, I belonged to from within.

Being 13 Years of leadership at Unilever, a best-in-class company in sustainability ( #1 Supply Chain according to Gartner since 2017), shaped my wish for responsible business and more significant transformations. I became to believe that other companies could do good and much better than the big giants, as Unilever does. I worked making sustainable business happen, before I studied it, but learning about the science, history and sociology behind it was an open mind moment for me.

When people asked me what have I done in the companies I worked for the list is very long. I have acted as a designer and implementer of different processes and frameworks such as sustainability road maps​ for supply chains including logistics and global quality programs. I have established S&OP processes and made factories lean manufacturing benchmarks. I managed most areas in the supply chain and the whole of it as well, end to end. During the last 10 years of my corporate time, I became more holistic. I started training in mindfulness and applying changes to my work. Today I believe in mindfulness and awareness as top key aspects of being a good professional and good human being.

What makes me proud, beyond any change that improved processes, is influencing the lives of people I coached to be better and more fulfilling. It is through knowing my work had a positive effect in the quality of life of other, being them the truck drivers within a social program in Brazil, or my teams, forming many new leaders whom I know to be conscious and responsible ones."







Panoptic Global Solutions
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AdvantiKA is member of S2 Sustainability Strategies / The Natural Step Schweiz

 AdvantiKA ist Unternehmensmitglied von S2 Sustainability Strategies / The Natural Step Schweiz

AdvantiKA is a GLEC former Consultee and Friend

Pascal Kienast

Pascal is a man of action, trustworthy, persistent and with a lot of energy. He helps his customers to grow within a sustainable energy future.

Pascal brings ten years of experience in the area of energy. During these years he was working in different environments: project management, leadership, organizational and business development. These skills are his basis to develop projects which challenge the status quo and drive forward a caring and sustainable economy.

Pascal is currently putting his heart and soul into solutions that are at the forefront of an energy transition. Beside a mandate within the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research as technology knowledge transfer officer, he is consulting firms and investors in sustainable energy solutions with his companies K-Wave Consulting GmbH and Clemap AG. They work closely with partners and products to look at processes, methodologies and technological tools to elevate to the newest standards, save cash and improve reputation. Pascal’s experience, ambition and network serves as support for the Challenge Arena product.

David Perry

David worked as a software developer in Silicon Valley for 23 years. He moved to Switzerland in 2010. He is a Certified Ontological Coach. David's life-long quest is to understand how to bring freedom and fulfillment to personal development.

David helps people during moments of change in their lives, through enabling them to  embrace new possibilities. As any sustainability journey requires changes in the way people view the world and what they can do about the future inside their businesses, our partnership brings an important personal support to AdvantiKA's customers, whenever that is relevant for the success of the project and the people behind it.

Julio Franca

Julio is a well seasoned professional with over20  years of international cross-functional expertise in areas such as Supply Chain, Procurement, Customer Service, Finance and Learning. He has worked in organisations such as Unilever and Accenture and has advised an extensive range of clients in Consumer Goods, Retail, Consulting and Learning. Julio has successfully lead several transformational programs in blue chip companies around the world and is a professional widely recognised by his intellectual, creative and hand-on approach in fast delivering  tangible results to his clients and partners. Developed through his large range of different strategic and operational roles in blue-chip multinationals, Julio possesses strong leadership skills, natural ability to influence different stakeholders, multicultural multi language experience and well superior communication and facilitation skills.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Naval Engineering with a minor in Logistics from Universidade de São Paulo, a Master Degree in Finance from Fundacao Getulio Vargas and a MBA from Rotterdam School of Management. He is also APICS and CIPS certified and fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Based in Mexico, Julio has lived in 7 different countries (Brazil, Chile, Italy, Netherlands, Unite Kingdom, Germany and Mexico), has travelled over 80 countries and possesses differentiated general culture.




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