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IDG Swiss Business Fit HUB

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Attend our Founding Members meeting. Fill out the DOODLE to help us select the date for it.

This looks awesome, but I would like to learn more about IDG - Inner Development Goals - before anything else


I want to join the hub!

If you are interested in joining our hub and collaborating to the Business Fit IDG Hub goal, register here


You will be reached out as soon as possible!

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Business Fit IDG Hub - Co-Coordinators


Karime Abib

  • Karime Abib

Kārlis Paradise

  • Kārlis Paradise

David Perry

  • David Perry

Join a community of resilient business leaders for a better world!

Discussion Circles

1st Event is being scheduled now.

If you are interested, register above, and answer the DOODLE here to help us select the best day for our Hub Founding Members Meeting,

Open workshops & events

Interested in joining the IDG Immersion Retreat by AdvantiKA?

Learn more here!

Coming soon: Online by-weekly IDG practice.

Community Support

We are preparing a space within Workspace for interaction that will be available soon.

Want to check your own IDG level? Here is our Self Assessment Tool. Try it out.

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