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20.June 2022



This event is over. But we are now preparing for the 2023 event. Pre-registration is possible

Do you want to work on your self-regeneration through some inner work? We recommend the  Meditation and Inner Work Retreats by Purecoach
Beyond that, we are launching in June 2023 the IDG (Inner Development Goals) Immersion Retreat. This short retreat is designed for leaders working to transform and create a better, more sustainable world, helping forward the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The key objective of this program is to build resilience, enabling effective action aligned with our most inner values.
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Sponsoring & Supporting:

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  • LinkedIn Fabiana

Conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest and of global biodiversity. A story of glories, challenges and the role of community empowerment

Featuring Fabiana Maia, co-founder and president of Terra Luminous Institute in Brazil.
She shares geopolitical, scientific, social and environmental information and her passion for the Atlantic Rainforest

Fabiana is a Brazilian exponent of the Regenerative Culture on a tour in Europe to promote regenerative living. She talks about what made her shift from a life as an urban well-succeeded psychotherapist and organisational consultant to becoming an environmentalist, permaculture researcher, Global Ecovillage Network Ambassador and ecopsychologist, adding her personal transformational experience to the conversation.

Angela 1580151630806.jpeg
  • LinkedIn Angela

Regeneration through permaculture and the community experience around permaculture, including the role of education

Featuring Angela Malmgren, founder of ReGeneration Permaculture.
She shares her experience in implementing and teaching permaculture in Switzerland.

Angela is an American living in Switzerland who, beginning in 2020, has been offering courses for children in permaculture. These courses are designed to allow children to connect in a deep and meaningful way with the natural world.
This work draws on all her years of experience as an educator, gardener and lover of nature

Philippe Aeschlimann_Danone_p.jpg
  • LinkedIn Philippe

Inclusive Economy Enabled by Danone Ecosystem Fund

Featuring The Head of Corporate Affairs Danone Switzerland, Philippe Aeschlimman, a Swiss who has lived and loves Brazil, tells us how the Danone Ecosystem Fund is acting as a force for good by caring about its economic and social environment where Danone operates. 

Danone Ecosystem catalyzes and develops projects that advance the public interest in ecosystems. The fund has co-created disruptive business models that strengthen inclusion and environmental sustainability, providing organizational know-how, technical expertise and financing support. An example of how corporations can help solve local challenges linked to sustainable sourcing and regenerative agriculture; micro-distribution; circular economy; and promotion of healthy drinking and eating habits.

Ludovic 1632077437696.jpeg
  • LinkedIn Ludovic

The role of communities in implementing Shared Economy and its co-benefits

Featuring Ludovic Kasperski, who shares his experience with community living. As an inspired sustainability intrapreneur and engaged volunteer in environmental education, he uses community living as a main mitigation measure for Climate Change, whilst benefitting from human-regenerating living conditions.

Out of integrity and a desire to act, Ludovic up-skilled in environmental issues with the aim of disseminating the scientific knowledge of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and IPBES. To spread this science, he uses tools based on collective intelligence such as the Climate Fresk. He also makes use of transformative learning to activate and empower people at their individual level and in their organisation in order to accelerate the transition toward a sustainable and desirable world where Nature is at the center. 

  • LinkedIn Sunita

Sustainable food from small farmers directly ordered by a community of consumers – an empowering way that generates benefit for all and can be expanded

Featuring Sunita Wälti, who joined Crowd Container as their Brand Ambassador. Crowd Container has organized collective food orders directly from the producers since 2016. An example of how community promotes dialogue between consumers and producers and drives change in the food system by supporting innovative projects.

Sunita will share with us the case of Crowd Container. From the simple idea of selling a container of food directly to consumers, an association was founded, becoming now an AG company, showcasing the power of community and how prosperity can come from it. Crowd Container operates in the Swiss market and with producing partners in Kerala, Sicily, Peru, Andalusia and Switzerland. A model that could be replicated anywhere.

  • LinkedIn Stephanie

Restor - The Global Nature Restoration Movement.  Connected and Transparent.

Featuring Stephanie Feeney, Head of Partnerships at Restor sharing the work of an organisation that is connecting global community, science and technology for ecosystem restoration. 

Stephanie will share with us the mission and vision of Restor, a technology platform that is supporting and accelerating global ecosystem restoration.  Bringing together knowledge and expertise, scientific data, funders and enablers onto one digital platform is enabling ecosystem restoration to happen at the scale, speed and quality that is so urgently required. 

  • LinkedIn Harriet

Financial responsible support for regenerative living and other sustainability initiatives

Featuring Harriet Jackson
Investment Officer, Sustainable Food at responsAbility Investments AG, Harriet will present responsAbility and join our discussion panel to discuss investing in regenerative agriculture in emerging markets and what is expected by investors. She will also give us insight into the technical support provided alongside financing to companies pursuing regenerative agriculture.

responsAbility Investments AG is a leading impact investor focused on private debt and private equity across emerging markets. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Zurich, it has invested over USD 12 billion since its inception and has a strong performance track record. With over 200 employees, collaborating from seven offices, the company invests across three distinctive themes to directly contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Financial Inclusion, to finance the growth of Micro & SMEs; Climate Finance, to contribute to a net-zero pathway; and Sustainable Food, to sustainably feed an ever-growing population. responsAbility is part of M&G plc, the international savings and investments business, and contributes to enhancing M&G’s capabilities in impact investing.

  • LinkedIn Diana

Learning Communities and Social Organizations Design through the lenses of Permaculture and the Systems View of Life

Featuring Diana Gabriel, co-founder of Flor da Vida Association in Brazil and Maní Ecopedagogy. She shares her experience facilitating the collaborative design process of Flor da Vida’s  Permacultural Pedagogical Political Project, as a learning, management and communication tool for the association and its community.

A Brazilian educator living in Switzerland since 2020, Diana dedicates her practice and studies to collaborating with people and projects focused on early childhood, parental and teacher education and the development of learning communities and spaces.

She has been working with Social Permaculture as a pedagogical resource to raise awareness of our interconnectedness within the web of life and for the design of inner and invisible landscapes, learning and social transformation processes.

Speakers, Panel Participants, Moderators & Workshop Leaders 

Evelyn Nassar
Sunita Wälti
Harriet Jackson
Vanessa Rueber
Fabiana Maia
Angela Malmgreen
Philippe Aeschlimann_Danone_p
Ludovic Kasperski
Karina Mereuta
Jeffrey Belt
Renée LaPlante
Diana Gabriel
Karime Abib

Workshops Available
From 16:00 - 19:00 (limited spots available)


Workshop 1

Biodiversity Collage

The Biodiversity Collage is a collaborative, playful and science-based workshop, to discover biodiversity, as well as the causes and consequences of its erosion. All the data come from the IPBES report.

Moderation by Jeffrey Belt

  • LinkedIn Jeffrey Belt
Biodiversity collage.PNG

Workshop 2

Find Your Path to a Lower Carbon Footprint Life 

If you're excited about regenerative concepts but aren't quite sure about how to bring them into your everyday life, this workshop is for you. 

Workshop by Renée LaPlante of Decarbonista

  • LinkedIn Renee LaPlante

Workshop 3

Personal Regeneration – Renewing & Empowering Yourself for the Journey

A coaching experience to provide you with the tools you’ll need to generate and maintain (regenerate) your resilience, inspiration, and personal power in a balanced way.

Workshop by David Perry of Purecoach

  • LinkedIn David Perry
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The event is now over but you can still engage with a Regenerative Living

Date: 20. June 2022
Time: 11:00 am to 19:00 pm 
Location: Impact Hub Viadukt - Zürich 8005

The Full Event at a Glance

  • LinkedIn Vanessa Rueber

Revised Agenda:

📌 Doors Opening for the Morning: 10:30 

📌 Morning Presentations and Discussion Panel: 11:00 to 12:30

  • Keynote Presentations:

    • Atlantic Rainforest Passion & Environmental Protection/Research – Fabiana Maia/Terra Luminous/CPMAMA

    • Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture Reason to Be – Angela Malmgren/ReGeneration Permaculture

  • Topic Focused Introductions:

    • Connecting Science and Communities for Restoration– Stephanie Fenney/Restor

    • Financial Responsible Support for Regenerative Living and other Sustainability Initiatives – Harriet Jackson/ResponsAbility 

    • Inclusive Economy Enabled by Danone Ecosystem Fund – Philippe Aeschlimann/Danone

  • Discussion Panel with all presenters plus Evelyn Nassar/Cocoa Horizons​

📌 In-Site Lunch Break  12:30 to 13:00 

📌 Doors Opening for the Afternoon: 12:30

📌 Afternoon Presentations and Discussion: 13:00 to 14:30

  • Keynote Presentations:

    • Regenerative Communities: Applying Sociocracy at Institute Terra Luminous – Fabiana Maia/Terra Luminous/CPMAMA

    • Developing Permaculture and Gardens inside Communities - Angela Malmgren/ReGeneration Permaculture

    • The role of communities in implementing shared economy and its co-benefits – Ludovic Kasperski

  • Cases Focused Introductions :

    • Sustainable food from small farmers directly ordered by a community of consumers – an empowering way that generates benefit for all and can be expanded  – Sunita Wältli/Crowd Container

    • Learning Communities and Social Organizations Design through the lenses of Permaculture and the Systems View of Life – Diana Gabriel/Flor da Vida

  • Discussion Panel with all presenters plus Vanessa Rueber/Patagonia

📌 Break (just a pause) 14:30 -14:45

📌 Commented Film Screening: 14:45 to 15:30 (Introduction by Vanessa Rueber/Patagonia)

📌 Networking Break & Drinks Before Workshops: 15:30 

📌 In Parallel Workshops (limited seats, be sure to reserve your place!): 16:00 to 19:00

  1. The Biodiversity Collage

  2. Decarbonista

  3. Personal Regeneration

📌 Event closure: 19:00

Learn More!

The motivation behind the event
A Celebration of European and Brazilian Regeneration & Community Power


Regenerative Living is an event that aims to create support and awareness concerning the challenges of protecting what is left of the Atlantic Rainforests in Brazil and other natural ecosystems in Europe, and the role of communities as a leading power of regenerative change.


The event puts a spotlight on the Brazilian Case illustrated by the example of Terra Luminous Institute and on other experiences of regenerative environmental practices, farming and community living both in Europe and in Brazil. A special highlight is given to renewable energy generated by and for communities in Europe.

UNESCO declared the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest as Biosphere Reserve and Humanity Heritage as it is one of the hotspots for biodiversity in the world, and it needs strategies and network support. The remaining 10% of rainforest territory urges to be protected and regenerated.

Meanwhile, communities and individuals organise for sustainable and regenerative farming, around renewable energy generation, and start enterprises such as Ecovillages that are now spreading around Europe and the Americas.  These initiatives develop creative ways to generate awareness and support for the causes of biodiversity, regeneration, climate change and community power.

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