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09.June 2023


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Mostly Afternoon Pictures, more of the Morning will be Available Soon

After Event Links & Resources

Hi, we are uploading here all we can share from our event. If you have not found what you are looking for, come back in a couple of days and refresh the page. For instance, a gallery with pictures of the event will be added soon. 

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Set a Discovery Call with AdvantiKA to Advance your Company's Sustainability and Regenerative Journey


Danone Flexitarian Recipes French


Danone Flexitarian Recipes German


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List of Participants

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Our Finances in Transparency

Watch Patagonia Movie Again

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Visit Restor Platform

Watch Terra Luminous Video Again and Help Biodiversity Conservation


Martha Velasco

“Hola, Karime, el viernes no pude despedirme. Muchas gracias por el grandioso evento que has organizado! 🥰👏🏽."

Jan Maisenbacher

"Dear Karime
It was a good decision to come yesterday, I felt like I wanted at the evening.
Not tired, but totally alive and in joy. "

Cristian Buruiana

“Olá Karime!   Pleasure to meet you and attend your lovely event this Friday. I felt very inspired and connected with wonderful people & ideas...”

Philipp Ullmann

“Hi Karime It was beautiful event last Friday, thank you very much to let me take part. So I was able to learn new things and to met great new humans."

Caroline Stern

"Oi Karime
O evento ontem foi "Mara". Adorei."

Símon Aurel Schwarzt

“Yesterday i had the honour to photo document a super inspiring event on #regenerativeliving organized by Karime Abib from AdvantiKA GmbH - Responsible Results at Impact Hub Zürich. Im touched by the care of the presenters and participants for our planet and their creativity and will power to take action for protecting and securing our livelihood.
Thanks Organilicious D. Levy Hoffmann/ Miso Cute Cooking for the amazing food and the presenters from @empathiestadtzürich (@annebelle_ehmann) RestorHofLabor, Mosaik Design AGGEN - Global Ecovillage Networkgoodcarbon, @koopernikus, Patagonia and many more for the inspiring Sessions!”

The Full Event at a Glance
(changes may happen as we continue to work to make this an incredible event for you)

Breakfast Tasting

Welcome breakfast with tasting and presentation about Functional Medicine Health & Nutrition by Organilicious and ifs founder, Danna. 

Lunch Circles

  • During lunch, served by Organilicious, using ingredients from Farmy, health and delicious food we be available and we will have circles of open discussion with facilitated network for the ones who want to continue engaged.

  • If you do not want to join a circle of discussion during lunch you can find a place to seat and have lunch by yourself or in private conversation as well.

Show Case - Morning Presentations

  • Cases presentations GoodCarbon (nature-based solutions & investment, Hoflabor and Koopernikus on regenerative agriculture and permaculture, Global Ecovillage Network - Europe, tech platform Restor and others.  Real cases of life regeneration, biodiversity and environmental restoration. 

  • Introduction to the IDGs - Inner Development Goals practices by the Business Fit IDG Hub supported by AdvantiKA  

  • Discussion on "The Future of Food" in corporates with Danone

  • Film streaming by Patagonia 

  • Call for action enabling your engagement with local projects

Inner Connection & Joyful Moments

We are still preparing this as you read it here. We will bring you some moments of inner connection, empathy development with small tasting practices and also moments for us to just be joyful and playful. Emphatie Stadt is helping us to make this a wonderful experience for you.

Afternoon World Café Discussion Circles - English and German

  • Organised in 5 topics all participants will be engaged in 3 +2 rounds of discussions facilitated by presenters and volunteers where you will listen and discuss details of initiatives, learn how you can contribute and provide your ideas and inputs in a co-creative manner.

  • Discussion Circles: 

    • Regenerative Agriculture and Urban Permaculture in Zürich - How to Engage in local projects close to you.

    • How to avoid greenwashing and, instead, be authentically regenerative in finance; how to shift the global capital to restore and conserve our precious ecosystems.

    • Building Regenerative Leaders through the practice of the IDGs (Inner Development Goals). Ontology (the Science of Being) and Ethics in Business.

    • From Sustainability Education  to Project Creation – Boosting Community Engagement 

    • Challenges and Greatness of Community living, in Eco-Villages and in the City 

  • After the event you will be invited to continue your engagement with regenerative living. The action goes beyond the event.

Network & Apéro

We close the day with a casual Apéro for final exchanges and to assure further connection.

Presenters & Word Café Hosts

Anna Guenat

Anna Guenat

On-Farm Innovator at Hoflabor Our mission: making healthy, accessible food production a reality for all farmers. Regenerative mosaic agriculture harmonizes food production and environmental goals through scalable solutions, innovative machinery, and multifunctional methods. Partnering with pioneer farms to develop resilient farming techniques, test cutting-edge machines, and create digital tools for regenerative management. Presentation and Discussion Circle Host (English & German)

Márcia Dantas de Lima

Márcia Dantas de Lima

Team Lead Nature-based Solutions at GoodCarbon Why Invest in Nature-based Solutions? Shifting global capital to restore and conserve the abundance of our precious ecosystems is the topic of presentation and discussion by GoodCarbon. Presentation and Discussion Circle Host (in English)

David Jacobsen

David Jacobsen

Bauer, Gemüsegärtner bei Gut Rheinau David, jointly with Fabienne, is representing Koopernikus and will present this amazing initiative. About Koopernikus Sustainable food supply: regional, cooperative, direct Koopernikus connects people from the Zurich region who are committed to changing the food system. We are producers, processors, logistics companies, restaurants, shops and food coops.

Vanessa Rueber

Vanessa Rueber

Community Marketing and Impact Manager at Patagonia Patagonia - We're in business to save our home planet. Screening and commentary of the Patagonia film about how Ocean Regeneration can start with Art. Commentary & Plenary Discussion

Olga Danylo

Olga Danylo

Technical Product Manager at Restor Restor - connecting nature stewards to data, expertise and funding for impact. Cases Overview & Update Presenter

Philippe Aeschlimann

Philippe Aeschlimann

Head of Corporate Affairs Danone Switzerland Investigating the Future of Food through regenerative agriculture, Flexitarian diet and more. Danone has several of its business units certified as a B Corporation™ and is making great efforts to create new ways of doing business as a big company in the food sector at a moment the planet needs regeneration and more plant-based diet adoption, bridging the possibilities in an inclusive way. Presentation and Discussion Circle Host (in German)

Martina Bühler

Martina Bühler

Chief Marketing Officer at Loanboox Expert at Future Finance Institute Switzerland Co-Founder of Greenwishing "Greenwishing" ist weniger wertend als "Greenwashing" und gleichzeitig auf viele nachhaltige Initiativen anwendbar. Discussion Circle Host (in German & English)

Teodora Demetra Radulescu

Teodora Demetra Radulescu

GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) - Europe Council member | Deep Ecology Trainer | Community Building expert | Representative Schloss Glarisegg Ecovillage Presenter & Discussion Circle Host (in English)

Danna Levy Hoffmann

Danna Levy Hoffmann

Functional Medicine Health Coach, FMCA Certified & IIN Gut Health Certified - Founder of Organilicious "My goal is to help others reach deliciously sustainable lifestyle changes. Enjoy life, and enjoy every bite of food you eat. No diets, no deprivation!"

Annabelle Ehmann

Annabelle Ehmann

Executive Director Empathie Stadt - Empathie Initiative Trainer in Empathy and Conflict Resolution MSc Agricultural Sciences ETH Zürich Facilitator & Discussion Circle Host

Angela Malmgren

Angela Malmgren

Founder at ReGeneration Permaculture ReGeneration Permaculture: Permaculture consultation, design and educational offers for children and adults. Presentation & Discussion Circle Host (in English)

Karin Fuchs-Häseli

Karin Fuchs-Häseli

Founder of SunHeart Business Leaders She is building up an inspiring idea for SMEs in Switzerland who are interested in Ethics and Purpose beyond Profit and making it a reality. Discussion Circle Host (in German)

Karime Abib

Karime Abib

Founder at AdvantiKA GmbH Co-Founder of the Business Fit IDG Hub BEYOND Sustainability or ESG! Helping boards, leaders & companies to develop prosperous & inclusive businesses aiming for a regenerative economy & society. Presentation & Discussion Circle Host (in English)

Karina Mereuta

Karina Mereuta

Co-Founder I Learning & Experience Designer I Engagement & Outreach Fructify - We create and curate the resources you need to upskill and grow expertise in sustainability. Discussion Circle Host (in English)

Fabienne Debrunner

Fabienne Debrunner

Fabienne is joining representing She and David will present this amazing initiative. About Koopernikus Sustainable food supply: regional, cooperative, direct Koopernikus connects people from the Zurich region who are committed to changing the food system. We are producers, processors, logistics companies, restaurants, shops and food coops.

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